My Work

I have spent a decade of my life in the television industry with a hand in all facets of production and distribution. Much of my advanced skill-set involves producing television spots, commercials and industrial videos and post-production; namely video editing, motion graphics, video compression and DVD authoring.

For many years I have worked with clients creating video, whether it’s broadcast television spots, web video content or long-form video projects, I enjoy it all. I have a long history of writing and producing packages for magazine television shows and news packages as well as corporate videos, television commercials and multi-chapter DVDs.

As for post-production, my tools of choice are a mix of Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite. I’ve spent years with Final Cut Pro and it is my first choice as an NLE along with the complementary programs such as Compressor, DVD Studio Pro and LiveType. As for the Adobe family of products, I enjoy the Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects combo. All three programs allow for the creation and implementation of great looking motion graphics. Speed and quality of work is always in mind when working with these programs.

I have also spent several years working in television production both studio and field production. I have been lucky enough to learn and excel at many crew positions such as director, audio technician, photojournalist and lighting director, among others. I have directed several live and live-to-tape studio productions and have been involved in all positions of field production, photojournalist, lighting director and field audio to name a few.

Upbeat Stuff

Lighthearted and fun is what I like to cut.

The first is an in-house spot for KPBS’ Travel Auction. The fun and bouncey depiction was designed to appeal to an Internet audience; ones who would be comfortable with contributing to an online auction; hence the stark white background much like an Internet website.

Gloria Penner, local celebrity known for her political reporting in San Diego is featured in the second spot. The promo was designed to promote the station’s coverage of both the Democratic and Reoublican conventions during the election season. Stars and balloons were used namely to get away from the over-used American flag in such spots. Heavy graphic design was done due to lack of footage since it was the station’s first broad coverage of the conventions.

Both spots were produced and written by me. I did the post in FCP with compositing and 3D effects in After Effects. I also used Illustrator and Photoshop to create some of the elements.

The third sequence is a couple of snippets of a behind-the-scenes video I cut with Cheryl Burke from the Jazzercise Latin Live home DVD. The editing was done by myself but the motion graphics and camerawork was done separately.

Serious Spots

emmy2Here are a few spots I put together with a more serious tone.
The first spot, an Emmy Award winning piece, is a 30 second PSA featuring the book The Zookeeper’s Wife which tells the story of the true life struggle of a family during the Nazi invasion of Poland during the second World War. The images in the spot are of the actual people and events that occurred.

The second is a television spot from a San Diego State University campaign promoting the imagery of the university. The graphic design was done by myself and was the centerpiece for the print and web portions of the campaign to follow. Images of ordinary people and their hopes followed by the universities professors and researchers were used to promote the contributions the school made to benefit society.

The last spot is a promo for KPBS’s Planned Giving campaign. Stock images of young with old were specifically selected to show the relationships between generations and the passing on of knowledge attributable to PBS’s programming. A television set was track marked and shot on set and the images were composited using After Effect’s motion tracker.

All spots shown were cut with FCP and additional compositing and effects in After Effects.

rant n rave Promo

This is a promotional video for a youth culture program with a targeted audience of 14 – 25. Footage of pop culture was taken from a variety of sources including local media events and national broadcasts.
Long hours of scouring through MTV, CNN, FuelTV and other such channels were put into this project. I acquired much of the media recording to digital tape straight off broadcasts; the same with the video game footage directly from an Xbox.
Since this promotional video wasn’t intended for broadcast we did not need to pay for the material shown.

The Sprinter

This is a project I produced years back about the development of a local commuter train in Oceanside California. I produced, edited and did some camera work on the project and although it’s a bit old I still really like it.

Enrique’s Journey

emmy2This Emmy Award winning PSA was produced with High School students from Crawford High in San Diego and myself as the production coordinator and editor.

The project was created from a grant from One Book, One San Diego, a local campaign to promote literacy and a sense of community by asking everyone to read the same book at the same time, Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario. The students were asked to write a movie trailer type script for the book, play the characters on screen and even direct the short.

I was the production coordinator, producer and editor of the project. The video was shot on a Sony Z1 camera in 24p mode and posting was done on FCP with compositing and filtering effects on After Effects. The spot aired on KPBS HD throughout 2007.

Enrique’s Journey went on to win an Emmy award for excellence in the PSA category for 2007 NATAS Pacific Southest region.

Animations and Graphics

Here’s a few examples of my motion graphics work. the first animation was from a TV spot I did in standard definition, but I think the design and animation is still good. The second is an a design I put together for a PBS produced DVD series called Achieving Your Dreams with Ken Blanchard. The third is from an ad for Ryka Athletic Footwear promoting shoes for fitness trainers.
All three of these animations were done in After Effects with some assembly in Final Cut.