Best Advertisements – How Fab Made the Perfect Commercial

A Lesson for Marketers in Video

Fab Logo

Fab Has a Challenge

Fab is a relatively new e-commerce site having been launched in 2011. Although they are strongly defined (Everyday Design) and different from the competition, not everyone knows about them. They do not have a lot of brand equity versus Amazon or eBay. So how do they create brand awareness and differentiate themselves from other established e-commerce brands?

Check Out this Commercial:

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Market Segments – Defining an Audience for Video Advertising

Who are you talking to?

Video is a fantastic tool for conveying your message. The visual and auditory stimulation of such a medium means you can get some very nice cognitive response out of your audience; some of the most powerful advertising around. So if you are thinking about having a video made, the first question to be asked is, “What is my message?” And the second question should be, “Who am I trying to reach?” Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many advertisers skip the second question. They know their product and how fantastic it is and want to let everyone know about it, but forget to understand who they are talking to. Continue reading

The Weird Facebook Sidebar

Quick Thought

As of July 7, 2011, Facebook changed their chat popup to include a seemingly random group of friends rather than friends who are available to chat with in real time. This seems illogical. I used the Facebook Chat popup because it was extremely useful. One of the first things I would do when opening up Facebook would be to see who is online that I might want to chat with. A green dot means that they are currently online and a moon meant that they were idle. This worked out perfectly because it was akin to someone hanging out at a social space that may or may not want to engage in a conversation if prompted. Continue reading

Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter 2011, Volume 1, July 2011

Google Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter
2011, Volume 1, July 2011

1. Introduction

Welcome to the first volume of the Analytics Benchmarking Newsletter!

This month, we are replacing the standard “benchmarking” report in your Google Analytics account with data shared in this newsletter. We are using this newsletter as an experiment to surface more useful or interesting data to Analytics users. Data contained here comes from all websites which have opted-in anonymous data sharing with Google Analytics. Only those website administrators which have enabled this anonymous data sharing will receive this “benchmarking” newsletter.

You may be wondering, how many websites are in this “anonymous data sharing” pool? Currently, hundreds of thousands, and we’ve endeavored to make all of the metrics here statistically significant.

The date range of comparison for this newsletter is from November 1, 2010 – February 1, 2011. Comparison is done with data from November 1, 2009 – February 1, 2010. Absolute metrics such as total # visits, pageviews, or conversions for all opted-in websites are not reported.

To simplify the prose, the phrase “websites” will represent “websites which have opted into anonymous data sharing with Google Analytics” for the rest of this newsletter. Continue reading

Facebook Will Not Kill Google

There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet about how Facebook has the upper hand on Google in search and therefore Google is dead; this due to Facebook’s extraordinarily vast amount of social data. Stories such as Why Google Wont Survive the Facebook Threat and TechCrunch’s assessment of Google’s dataset as being an ossified relic akin to the Dead Sea Scrolls all paint of picture of Google’s algorithm chasing down “fossilized” content.  Claiming something is dead when it isn’t is merely media power-word talk to get eyeballs and we should be critical of such headlines and stories. Continue reading

Recording a Podcast with Skype and GarageBand for Free

The Easiest, Cheapest, and Simplest Way to Record a Podcast

In my earlier post Recording a Podcast on Garageband I talked a lot about the step-by-step process of doing an actual recording with any input devices. This time however, I will explain the easiest way I have found to record an all audio, perfectly editable, podcast using nothing but FREE software (the Mac computer and the headset will cost you money or course; other than that everything else is absolutely free! 🙂 There are four software programs that you will need to run on your Mac; Skype, GarageBand, LineIn, and Soundflower.

Gather Your Software

  • Firstly, you should have GarageBand on your Mac, it comes free with the Mac you purchased. If for any weird reason you don’t have it, you can download or upgrade it here. Continue reading

How to Fix the Auto Gain Control on Skype

Skype Volume Issues

I had a major volume issue while recording the Ask Adam League on Skype. I noticed that my audio was dipping down the longer I spoke and the louder I spoke, yet this didn’t occur with Adam; only my input from Skype to GarageBand. After a bit of a troubleshooting session, I realized that my input volume on my Mac Sound Preferences was dipping down when I spoke but would never return to the level I put it at. And the louder I spoke, the further down the input volume slider would go. Very strange. Continue reading

Recording a Podcast on GarageBand

I have been working on Macs my entire professional career and have found them to be wonderful for content creation due to their easy use, simple design and usually problem free operation. It was no issue for me then to select GarageBand to record and edit my podcast for two main reasons; (1) it has great features that are MADE for podcasting and (2) it’s free with a Mac!

I’m not going to list all of the nooks-and-crannies of how GarageBand works since the white-sheets for the program are extremely simple to understand. I will, however, explain the step-by-step process of recording, editing and exporting an audio podcast with GarageBand and mention some pitfalls.

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The Right Way to Design Your Website

In all the years that I’ve been working in post production as a video editor (that means video editor, graphic designer, motion graphic designer, compositor, colorist, DVD author, finisher and much much more), I’ve learned that I’m no dummy when it comes to learning new things; learning new programs and ways of working with computers.

However, when I took on the task of trying to design my own site, I found the undertaking to be huge. I spoke with a lot of people and read a lot of blogs and I came to a choice of two; Squarespace and Continue reading