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Facebook Will Not Kill Google

There’s been a lot of talk on the Internet about how Facebook has the upper hand on Google in search and therefore Google is dead; this due to Facebook’s extraordinarily vast amount of social data. Stories such as Why Google Wont Survive the Facebook Threat and TechCrunch’s assessment of Google’s dataset as being an ossified relic akin to the Dead Sea Scrolls all paint of picture of Google’s algorithm chasing down “fossilized” content.  Claiming something is dead when it isn’t is merely media power-word talk to get eyeballs and we should be critical of such headlines and stories. Continue reading

The Right Way to Design Your Website

In all the years that I’ve been working in post production as a video editor (that means video editor, graphic designer, motion graphic designer, compositor, colorist, DVD author, finisher and much much more), I’ve learned that I’m no dummy when it comes to learning new things; learning new programs and ways of working with computers.

However, when I took on the task of trying to design my own site, I found the undertaking to be huge. I spoke with a lot of people and read a lot of blogs and I came to a choice of two; Squarespace and Continue reading

To Podcast or Not to Podcast?

This particular post sets the stage for the Ask Adam League and where the intentions of the site and show come from. More details about specific decisions and steps will follow in other posts.


At the start of all of this Ask Adam stuff we started with the idea of recording our conversations and putting them up on the web. Some questions came about; Who would listen? What kind of show would it be? Would it be audio or video? How would we determine the topics that we’d talk about.

It came to me from the very beginning that we would do a question-and-answer show. This is because I would ask Adam questions from time-to-time about all manner of stuff and I thought how cool it would be Continue reading