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Best Advertisements – How Fab Made the Perfect Commercial

A Lesson for Marketers in Video

Fab Logo

Fab Has a Challenge

Fab is a relatively new e-commerce site having been launched in 2011. Although they are strongly defined (Everyday Design) and different from the competition, not everyone knows about them. They do not have a lot of brand equity versus Amazon or eBay. So how do they create brand awareness and differentiate themselves from other established e-commerce brands?

Check Out this Commercial:

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Market Segments – Defining an Audience for Video Advertising

Who are you talking to?

Video is a fantastic tool for conveying your message. The visual and auditory stimulation of such a medium means you can get some very nice cognitive response out of your audience; some of the most powerful advertising around. So if you are thinking about having a video made, the first question to be asked is, “What is my message?” And the second question should be, “Who am I trying to reach?” Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many advertisers skip the second question. They know their product and how fantastic it is and want to let everyone know about it, but forget to understand who they are talking to. Continue reading