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Recording a Podcast with Skype and GarageBand for Free

The Easiest, Cheapest, and Simplest Way to Record a Podcast

In my earlier post Recording a Podcast on Garageband I talked a lot about the step-by-step process of doing an actual recording with any input devices. This time however, I will explain the easiest way I have found to record an all audio, perfectly editable, podcast using nothing but FREE software (the Mac computer and the headset will cost you money or course; other than that everything else is absolutely free! 🙂 There are four software programs that you will need to run on your Mac; Skype, GarageBand, LineIn, and Soundflower.

Gather Your Software

  • Firstly, you should have GarageBand on your Mac, it comes free with the Mac you purchased. If for any weird reason you don’t have it, you can download or upgrade it here. Continue reading

How to Fix the Auto Gain Control on Skype

Skype Volume Issues

I had a major volume issue while recording the Ask Adam League on Skype. I noticed that my audio was dipping down the longer I spoke and the louder I spoke, yet this didn’t occur with Adam; only my input from Skype to GarageBand. After a bit of a troubleshooting session, I realized that my input volume on my Mac Sound Preferences was dipping down when I spoke but would never return to the level I put it at. And the louder I spoke, the further down the input volume slider would go. Very strange. Continue reading